2019 Hyundai Sonata - Possum problem

Recently on a cold night a possum crawled into the engine compartment to enjoy the free heat. When I started the engine the possum jumped and was destroyed by the water pump pulley and drive belt. The belt jumped off the pump pulley and the car overheated in about 30 minutes. The car dealer said it wasn’t covered by the
comprehensive insurance. They had to bribe a mechanic to remove the messy remains of the possum. So, after repairs I tried beeping the horn before starting the engine at 7AM but the neighbors got a bit testy. Any ideas how to prevent this from happening again? Thanks.

I never tried any of these, but you asked for ideas.


You could pull the fuel pump fuse, run the starter to possibly scare any animals away, and replace the fuse to actually start the car.

Just smack the hood a few times then open it.

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In Minnesota a lot of people have garages. If properly sealed it keeps snakes an animals out.

When I hit a coon that wrecked my radiator. My insurance agent wanted to know if it was dead or alive. I said he was alive before I hit him, then he was dead. They paid for my radiator. Might want to ask your agent but no guarantees.

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How about not continuing to drive the car when it starts to overheat? Or is this just about the repairs to the belt?

The more authoritative source is your comp policy or, less so, the insurance company’s agent. An agent could at least point you to the relevant verbiage in the policy. An adjuster working for the ins co will decide, after you make a claim.

A coon in the road is an act of God, a possum in the engine is yet to be determined. But acts of God are generally covered with no deductible.

I don’t know where you park, but you might want to check into one of the animal repellents on the market.

This is the brand I use.

It doesn’t say it works on possums, but you get the idea.