Pacifica 07 noise

HHHHelp when i roll down the rear windows in my pacifica there is such a noise from wind? that comes in it almost hurts your ears not an engine noise doesnt happen when not moving its a kind of drone wind sound what can it be how can i syop it ,???

This is pretty simple. I have a 2004 Pacifica with the same problem. When the rear windows are down but the front windows are up you will get the droning sound. This sound is caused by the wind being trapped in the rear of your car because there is nowhere for it to escape. In order to stop the noise, you have to have all your windows down at least a little. The further down the front windows the quieter the noise will be until it completely stops.

What you are reporting is normal?
This is not unique to the Pacifica?
Why are we both asking questions instead of using declarative sentences?

Beats Me, Too ? Why Are You Doing That !


The noise you hear/feel is normal, and happens to ANY car, once the windows are opened. The more they are opened the worse the noise gets. It’s just fluid dynamics physics.
Wind buffeting is not speciffic to only Pacificas.

Keep your windows up and turn on the A/C. Starting with speeds above 35-40mph, you’re not saving any gas, by not using the A/C and keeping the windows down. To the contrary; by opening your windows, you are messing up so much with the airflow around the car (all that increasing wind noise that you hear) that you considerably increase the air drag coefficient of the car, hence increasing your fuel consumption. Not only that you won’t be comfortable in the car from a noise and temperature perspective, you’re also increasing your gas consumption, a net-net negative outcome.

If you are really adamant about keeping the windows down, open all 4 windows no more than 2-3 inches. This should provide some air circulation inside the car, without completely screwing up the car aerodinamics. Also, installing some window deflectors-linky below, might mitigate some of the negative effects of keeping the windows slightly open.