2015 Toyota Corolla wind noise when windows open

I have a Corolla purchased new and from day one, has had wind noise while rear windows are open that sounds like a helicopter starting at about 20 mph up to about 70 mph. When rear windows are closed there’s no problem.

Pretty much normal for most cars these days so not much to discuss here.


Yup, agree with @VOLVO_V70. Just close the window, or open another, the noise will go away.

This is exactly like blowing across an open drink bottle to make a sound. It is just physics.


I have to open a front window whenever a back window is open. Same issue with three different vehicles I’ve had.

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This might work! When a tire guy was checking it out, he had the front windows open and nothing happened, then closed the front windows and the helicopter sound was back.
Will do more testing today, but I think you got it.
Thank you very much