Roll up the rear windows quick!

Our family loves Toyotas. We have had a Celica, Camry, Echo, Yaris and two Rav 4s. But we have had the same problem with every car. When the back windows are rolled down the person driving and the person sitting in the passager seat feel tremendous pressure in their ears. It’s very similar to the feeling of high pressure one gets at take off or landing in an airplane. Why is this?

Air pressure differential.
Your real question I would think is how to resolve it. As the old joke goes if it hurts don’t do it, or try opening the front windows in addition to the rear windows.

Thanks, but it still happens if the front windows are down.

this obnoxious helicopter noise is painful, but a result of changes in most vehicles aero design and in some cases the changes or removal of flow through ventilation systems. You are hearing a cyling of high then low pressure, which hurt the delicate ear membranes. You find this on most newer cars.

This happens in both of our Honda cars also, at about 45 mph. We either use the A/C or put the rear windows up to about 1 1/2 below fully closed. The vent visor thingy works a bit also. Rocketman