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PA Turnpike construction in Sept

The weekends of Sept 22 and 29 will be very interesting on the PA turnpike.
Sections will be closed for an entire weekend for bridge replacement.
The replacement is very cool. The new bridge is built beside the old one and then slid into place.
The detour on my end, the Western side has an 80 mile detour. Avoid the area if you can

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Saw bridge beams being transported in Florida. Had a second driver steering the rear end, like the old fire dept. ladder trucks.

Thanks for the information. We plan to visit Falling Water soon, but don’t have to use the turnpike to get there unless we really want to. Of course, many won’t make it to the bridges. They will fall into one of those cavernous potholes the turnpike is known for. Who knows when they might hit bottom once they fall in. :yum:

Fixed it for you :wink: