A bridge to the past

When I visit my relatives in PA, I use this old and decidedly low-tech toll bridge to cross the Delaware River. The video doesn’t mention that it is shut down for a couple of months each winter, for maintenance.


Wow. Impressive.

I’m surprised I never heard of this bridge when my family lived in NJ for eight years back in the 1970s.

Well it’s in Pennsylvania by or in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Home of Tobyhanna Army Depot.

It’s also in NJ, by virtue of spanning the Delaware River, which separates the two states.

I have lived in NJ since 1956, but I had never heard of that bridge until my relatives moved to PA in the late '90s, and I began visiting them there.

I rode my bicycle across that bridge several years in the mid `70s when touring with friends. The toll was 15 cents at the time, though they let bicycles cross for free.

I remember how old and antique the bridge looked back then. It’s apparently been updated since then, as the video shows.

[Update: I even think the toll price then might have been 10 cents.]

I’ve crossed that bridge more than a few times :slight_smile:

I never ventured that far north. The only bridges over the Delaware River I rode on were the one between Easton and Phillipsburg and the more familiar Delaware Memorial Bridge. We used to visit Phillipsburg for drinks when the drinking age in NJ was 18 and the PA age was 21 (always).

Yeah PA is tough. We walked down to the bar by Tobyhanna and the bar maid refused to serve me thinking I was using a false ID. I was 22. Guess I looked young for my age. So I had a Coke and everyone else (some even younger than me) had something stronger.

Nice to see that private enterprise keeps it going but what happens when the bridge reaches it’s end of life.
Will the present ownerwers finance a replacement or will they throw it onto the State claiming an exhorbitant amount?

Like they say, 15 cents here and 15 cents there and pretty soon you have a lot of money. Got a feeling the two states would just take it over if it is that busy.

Like old bridges? Check out the Union Arch Bridge on Macarthur boulevard in Maryland. We always called it the Cabin John bridge Union Arch Bridge - Wikipedia

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I’ve lived in the Montgomery county, northern Va area for almost 50 years. I know of this bridge, but never knew about the bridge. Thanks for the info.

The presence of the modern Montague-Milford Bridge, about 12 miles North of the Dingman Bridge, makes it extremely unlikely that the states of PA & NJ would have any interest in that old crossing. The Montague-Milford Bridge is also a toll bridge, administered by a bi-state commission and it is adequately wide-enough for all vehicles to cross it–unlike the very narrow Dingman Bridge. The volume of traffic on the Dingman Bridge is pretty insignificant when compared to the traffic on the Montague-Milford Bridge.

There were two Cabin John Bridges, this one and the western bridge over the Potomac River on the DC beltway. The beltway bridge was renamed the American Legion Bridge.

Johnny-come-lately. I’ve driven over it a number of times, don’t remember calling it the Cabin John.

That was a long time ago. I lived about 1000 feet from the beltway as a child and used to ride my bike on it to the Cabin John Bridge to watch construction. We rode down on the exquisitely flat and wide dirt Beltway from North Bethesda to the river. It has been quite a while since the name was changed to the American Legion Bridge though.