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Pothole horror stories

The old Jamestown RI bridge was brilliant for the twice daily true appreciation of life! Holes in supports the 3 COUNT EM 3 fired structural engineers said you could drive a vs beetle through…had a 4 foot left right sway in a small breeze…and the expansion grates…in the very top of the rollercoaster predrop…used to fall out …alot!! Locals would expect it and drive around after looking way down and peeing pants.tourists not so great on survival skills…usually missed front as screaming family got a swerve on.but ate alot of rear tires and suspensions…a pothole hundred feet up with a pool that size you can see…best one I never hit!!! We all jumped up and down on new concrete bridge when they opened it…could not believe it did not move!

Oh, okay.
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Nice story

Interesting visual.

What’s a “vs beetle”? Is that something like a VW Beetle?

Happy April 1st.

When we started driving into Mexico, it took a while to find a good route. Later, they opened the new high speed cuota which bypasses the Valley of Mexico City, so the only problem now is being shot and robbed by narcos near the border. We are actually thinking of taking the bus when I must go back, and rent a car for the few weeks we are there.

Anyway, on the shortcut from east of Puebla to Tampico, there was a suspension bridge, I think hundreds of feet down to the valley floor.

It was similar. In places they welded plates across the roadbed. In other places, they should have welded plates across the holes, but didn’t. I have never seen a bridge in that bad a condition. It was definitely in bad shape, I told my wife, no more. While I am ready to die, I do not invite death frivolously.