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P0101 Permanent DTC

I’ve been trying to do some research but haven’t really figured out if there’s still something wrong with my car:

  • I have a Nissan Altima S (2014, 2.5L)
  • The engine light came on and when I checked it it was a P0101 code
  • I cleaned the mass flow sensor and cleared the code (was advised at Jiffy Lube to just replace the sensor but thought I would try cleaning it first to see if I could save $150).
  • The engine light hasn’t returned since cleaning the sensor and clearing the code, but the permanent DTC code still remains
  • I have tried steps I found online to clear the permanent code (idle for 30s, drive for 5 mins at 25mph or more, idle for 30s again) but it didn’t make a difference.

I’m unsure if this method of clearing the permanent DTC is just not relevant to my model of car; if I’m doing things wrong, or if the code is still there because there’s still a problem (although if that was the case, would the engine light not come back on again?)

Would appreciate any insight / help with figuring this out. I’m fairly unskilled with cars and was just tying to (reasonably safely) handle it myself, but if it’s recommended I take it into a mechanic then I’ll have to take the financial hit I guess.


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Do not trust jiffy lube I would
not trust them to clean my window’s let alone anything else.


That’s why I didn’t get them to replace it - but took to online research which led me to at least cleaning it and clearing the code first. Now I just don’t know if there’s something still wrong or not.

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Read @Tester’s posted article. The CEL is OFF so the problem has been fixed. The permanent code will be erased when you complete a drive cycle.

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You won’t know until you drive it. Driving under the right test conditions will hasten the result. Until then, the code is simply erased for now. After an initial drive, you may see a pending code pop up and then you’ll know it’s not fully resolved. The light and code will be set again after a number of repeated failures. Or, the permanent code will go away if it is fixed and the computer algorithm for success is met.