Code P1400

I got this code. I got the hose and pipe cleaned. Changed the EGR solenoid. The code was reset. I drove the car from Pennslyvania to Washington DC. Check engine light remained OFF. As soon as I got into stop & go traffic of DC the light came on. My mechanic checked it again reset the light then I drove the car for whole night from Pennsylvania to Atlanta - No light. The moment I got into atlanta city traffic POP came the light. My question is am I missing something. Does this info lead to specific part i need to change? Please help???

The car is 1999 Nissan Altima GXE

Did you clean the sensor feed pipes? If they are clean, you may have an EGR flow sensor going bad.

Thanks, My mechanic suggested intake manifold pipes. Are you saying the same thing?

The egr is operated by a solenoid. The most common code is egr pintle “stuck”. You have a new egr. So the egr should be working fine. If the egr ports are plugged due to carbon, that will no affect on egr on/off operation and computer should be happy.