Oxygen Sensor Removal Help, Can't Find Connector, 2005 Camry


I have a 2005 Camry, the 4 cylinder model.

I’m trying to replace a portion of my exhaust, and am having difficulty locating the connected for an oxygen sensor. It’s the one post cat. There appears to be a rubber piece, and the cable enters it through the floor of the car.

I tried looking around online, and can’t really find any videos or instructions on how to get to it. Any ideas?
The official service manual that was released doesn’t show this sensor. It only shows the one pre cat.

Looking at Shop Key, it’s the Heat Oxygen Sensor 3 (Bank 1 Sensor 3)

Thanks for any help in locating this connector so I can disconnect it. I suppose I could just cut the four conductors, but sense this exposed to the elements and water, I’d rather not. Soldering upside down and so forth seems like a hassle. Would be much easier if I could just disconnect the thing, and unfasten the sensor from the exhaust.

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It’s on the floor, under the back of the drivers seat.

Gotta peel the carpet back.



Thank you!