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1999 Camry - 4 cyc -oxygen sensor

My 1999 Camry - 4 cyc has a trouble code of P0136. Auto Zone told me it is a defective bank 1 sensor 2. As per the repair manual, the front passenger seat has to be removed to get to the sensor’s eletrical connector but an internet video shows that the driver seat has to be removed. Has anybody replaced the heated bank 1 sensor 2 on a Camry before? Please give me some information. Thanks.

I’ve replaced many O2 sensors on Camry’s. The drivers seat doesn’t need to be removed. If you look under the seat near the center console from the back seat, you see a split between the front and rear carpet. Pry open the split between the carpets and you’ll expose the O2 sensor electrical connector and the rubber grommet for the O2 sensor wires.


@ypli … are you using the actual Toyota service manual for the same model & year car as yours? If not, there’s no harm done to hop down to your local public library and look it up in their MOTOR manuals, or even better if they have it, the All Data data base. Then you can get the procedure for your exact car.

Tester and GeorgeSanJose…Thank you so much for your information. I have seen Tester’s comments on a lot of questions and he must be very knowledgeable about cars. I do not know if a Bosch or Denso universal O2 sensor will be just as good as an OEM. It is about $40 less.

I’m pretty sure Toyota uses Denso as OEM.

You should go ahead and get the dealer to order you the sensor based on the VIN or your car. For some reason, Toyota’s are sensitive to this and the wrong sensor could cause you to have a chronic CEL with a P0420 code.

i would buy the denso oem sensor. sensor 2 is the down stream my exoerence says the price is close enough plus it comes with the factory plug on it

a denso aftermarket direct fit is about 100.00 and denso is oem

On my 99 the connector was in fact under the drivers seat. And the seat is easy to take out if you want to. I did just to make getting to things easier.

Thanks to everybody who gave me the repair information. I managed to changed the downstream O2 sensor and cleared the trouble code P0136. Tester… Thanks for your advice about not removing the driver seat. I disconnected the electrical connector with the seat slided all the way to the front.