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Heated O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 2 on 2010 Camry

I just had an OBD code pulled on my 2010 Camry and it turns out that my Heated O2 sensor for Bank 1 Sensor 2 is failing. I’d rather do this myself if I can but I can’t figure out where this thing is. Can anyone give me an idea on if this is something I can access myself and swap out? Or does this need to be fixed by a mechanic?


It’s the sensor in the exhaust pipe after the catalytic converter.

It’s pretty easy to get to so you shouldn’t need an O2 sensor socket.

But, the wiring for the sensor goes thru the floor and the connector is located under the carpet behind the drivers seat.


Here’s a link that’ll show you what you want to know.

I should tell you up front that these can take some effort to replace. Parts in the exhaust system can marry themselves to their adjacent parts from the heat and environmental exposure. You may have to heat the bung around it with a propane torch to get the sensor out. It might be prudent to just let a shop do it. It’s much, much easier on a lift.

Is it a 4 or 6 cylinder? If it is a 4 cyl the sensor is behind the cat in the exhaust pipe and the connector it clipped to the intake manifold. On the v6 it will be the sensor behind the cat on the rear bank of cylinders, again it is the sensor directly behind the cat but it is built into the crossover pipe. The sensors are hit and miss on coming out easy. Try to break it free with a 7/8 or 22mm crowfoot wrench or o2 socket. If it moves and stops it may be seized, if that’s the case it would be best to take it to a shop that can get it out and repair the threads if need be.


Hopefully the O2 diagnosis is correct as a 2010 is a bit young for this kind of problem.

Most likely its a code for the heater circuit, fairly common.

fyi, by convention “sensor 2” means it is located behind the cat, rather than “sensor 1” which is in front of the cat, often near the exhaust manifold. Bank 1 refers to exhaust bank 1. On a 4 banger there’s only one exhaust bank, bank 1. On a V6 there are two separate exhaust banks, bank 1, and bank 2. A repair manual would tell you which (the driver or passenger side) is bank 1 on a V6.

@georgefromsanjose some 4 cylinder engines use 2 banks for emissions control. Cylinders 1 & 4 are paired and 2 & 3 are paired, each with their own catalytic converters. It’s not that common but it is out there.

Emissions are guaranteed for 10 years or 80k miles. Toyota should cover this free!

Thanks for clarifying @SteveC76 .

This may sound stupid so forgive me . im a female. And just joined so forgive me if wording not correct. … But as far as the 02 sensor for a 2010 toyota camry… I just replaced the 02 sensor between the. Engine and Cadillac converter my self that Was easy. The sensor 2 im worried and kinda confused

So i have a four banger with Tip tonic …i believe its called… And have 2 dual exhaust… So when i see the o2 sensors talkimg about left or right…
Does that apply to my car?

Please start your own thread and try to be a clearer as to what you are asking.

Stupid isn’t gender specific. It applies equally to male and female… and you’re not stupid. Stupid people don’t ask the right questions, and while you’re clearly still becoming familiar with the terminology, you’re asking the right questions… and you changed the upstream sensor all by yourself! You’re clearly not stupid.

I’ve attached two links for you. These should show the exhaust system in its entirely. It shows the one for the four-banger, which is slang for four cylinder. If that’s the case, you’ll have one oxygen sensor “upstream” of the catalytic converter and one “downstream”, in the exhaust pipe past the converter. It’s called a “catalytic converter” because it contains a catalyst, which is by definition something that causes a change in something else (the exhaust stream) without itself changing.

I’m afraid that software problems prevent me from posting the drawing directly. If you have two mufflers, you probably have the V6. If that’s the case, say so and I’ll post new links.

Normally we prefer that people create their own threads to prevent confusion, but seeing as where you’re new I’ll give you a “pass” on this one. Clarify what you have and we’ll work from there.
The software problem is requiring me to sign out now, but I’ll be back.