what does putting oxycotton in someones intake do?


a friend of mine tried to hide it from her dad and stuck a boatload of pills down her intake


If you mean oxycontin, the car will feel no pain. If it’s just pills, it’ll probably just disintegrate and blow through. Won’t do much


keep in mind there was no air filter on this car at the time


The Drug Enforcement Administration is very interested in your problem. Please provide your address so that a Federal Agent can visit your home in order to discuss this in greater detail.


no she was hiding them from her dad because he has the problem, she doesnt want him doing them, not that she does them. he is on the verge of being caught, i hate drug addicts as much as the next guy, but just stay out of it.


next time just try the toilet. Less risk there.


you know how women are, and all i wanted to know is how its gonna affect her engine and some dude wants to pull out a case on her, im no narc


If you haven’t revved the engine yet, chances are you can pull the intake apart and the pill will still be there. They won’t pass the throttle at idle. If you have started it and revved it, it’s kind of a moot point. But as I said it could just burn and blow out the exhaust with no trouble


well no duh the car will feel no pain, oxycotin is a pain reliever, haha jk


It should not hurt anything at all. They’ll get pulled into the cylinders and the combustion process will pretty much vaporize them. Any microscopic debris will be spit out the exhaust.


You know, for future referance you could just say “some pills” were in the intake.


yeah i thought of that, but then i would look like the drug addict


Yes, referring specifically to Oxycontin gives us a much better impression than if you had just said “pills”.


Yes, referring specifically to Oxycontin (alias, Hillbilly Heroin) gave everyone a much more positive impression than if you had just referred to “pills”.


In case you didn’t know, Oxycontin (oxycodone) is essentially synthetic morphine.


Yes, I am well aware that Oxycontin, aka “Hillbilly Heroin” is actually synthetic morphine.

And, I am also aware that the OP should have avoided posting a question containing references to this substance–even if he cannot spell it correctly. That is a very good way to attract attention from law enforcement agencies to one’s home–or to the home of one’s girl friend.


If there was an edit function, I would have added, “and this was an attempt at sarcasm”.

Posting references to Oxycontin without comprehending the possible consequences of that reference is sort of like putting a bumper sticker saying “legalize marijuana” on your car and then wondering why the cops pulled you over to check your license and registration.

Thinking before acting is always a good thing, IMHO.


The OP was asking a legitimate question, I really don’t think all the “Fire Marshall Bob” stuff was necessary. Also, I wouldn’t be too worried about the U.S. drug “law enforcement agencies” that usually can’t find their own butt with both hands and a road map. The OP has a better chance of aliens showing up at his house.

To answer the original question, I would probably try to remove the pills from the intake, but they are not going to do any real damage.


thanks craig, but VCDdriver: i really dont care, like they would ever find me over the internet, and i got nothing to hide, they werent even my pills, who gives a damn?