Owners of Recent Model Hyundai Tucson or Kia Sportage - Questions

i’m in the market for a new vehicle, but budget is tight (tho i will be paying cash). i have a low mileage 2003 taurus as trade-in. i was considering going back to a truck (had a ford ranger for 10 years) due to the fact that i camp a lot, & really liked the extra room (& ground clearance), but have also been thinking about compact suv’s also. i would like to stay away from ford (since i’ve had problems with the taurus, & don’t like ford’s response), & being a female, i’d like a longer warranty than what is normally offered. i don’t want to buy a newer used vehicle (even a toyota or more reliable vehicles) becuz that’s what i did this last time around & it hasn’t served me well at all.

in the past couple days i’ve been thinking maybe i should find either a (new) 2009 or 2010 hyundai tucson, or possibly kia sportage. perhaps i should bring this question up as a new topic, to see what others think. i’ve gotten a pretty good price offer on a (new) 2009 tucson, which is why i’ve started thinking about this more seriously.

i thought if i put this question out there, i could get some more info on late model tucsons or sportages. i would only be getting FWD (4cyl), & it would need to be automatic. currently i’m looking for a 2009 that went unsold, only becuz it seems approximately $3,000 is added to those makes for non-standard transmissions (really high compared to domestic vehicles!), & i’m not looking to spend all the cash i have on hand. i was given a price of a little over $17,000 for a 2009 tucson (automatic).

i’d like to hear the pros/cons of each.

thanks a ton.