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Detailing by "Detail Plus" chain store

There is a reputed store that uses Detail Plus stuff to detail the car exterior.

In the process of detailing, will they be removing a thin layer of the paint or clear coat - is this not good idea? Mine is 1999 Acura. Did it still come with clear coat?

I know the car will look nice - are there any coast to the paint ? What makes the paint looks better without spraying new paint over?

Yes it is clear coated. They polish off the dead paint film and contaminants and polish the scratches in the film. The paint film removed is inperceptible but an unqualified buffer operator can burn through the clear on high points. Why would someone want a cloudy looking car though instead of a shiney one?

they would rather have it cloudy than risk compromising the paint and have it become rusty

An occasional buffing if done correctly will make the car look nice. However, as Bing says, damage can be done quickly if it’s done wrong. I don’t know anything about “Detail Plus” and any mention of a chain store makes me nervous here. I recommend using a local detail shop or body shop with lots of experience and, most important, a good reputation.

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As with any detail job, they say, try it on a small area and see how it looks. You can ask the shop to show you the results in one small area, probably deep down somewhere nobody can see and then decide to pay (or not).

@Bing - yes as @wesw pointed out potential rust.

Another way of seeing it as that it is inevitable that you become addicted - because they polish it - sooner it goes bad - you go back again - Detail Plus say that it is maintenance.

just do it once, very gently then wax the thing silly. you can do it by hand with rubbing compound but you need strong arms, and they ll still be sore when you are done.

I personally feel uncomfortable with anyone except me or a professional autobody man doing this.