Overheating in 2001 vw passat

hello folks! i need help on this one. my 01’ vw passat has been overheating now and then. i can’t turn on the ac anymore. i’ve replaced the water pump, the timing belt, thermostat, and the radiator fan clutch. i’ve checked with the mechanic and he says the head gasket is fine, but what else could be causing the overheating?

The radiator.

^^ Radiator could be plugged - yes check and replace if necessary.

So why did you say fan clutch? They are electric fans and are simply motors tied to a fan blade. Do they turn on? If not, I’m puzzled why you replaced all the other stuff. If they do turn on, then that’s not the problem.

But - since you say the A/C won’t go on, I’d bet it is a fuse, or possibly the fan controller module.

This car uses an “old fashioned” fan that’s mechanically driven through a clutch (the engine is mounted longitudinally, like a rear wheel drive car)

There is also a supplemental electric fan right next to it.

Is there a separate fan control module on most cars from, separate from the computer? The book didn’t indicate it for a Chevy Corsica 1993; but the relay works, and the fan won’t go on when called for by the temperature sensor. I know I have a control wire problem somewhere, but the book is not at all clear.

Have a flow test performed of the coolant system and radiator. A decent mechanic will do this to see if radiator is plugged(likely especially if no service performed on cooling system before).