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Overheating 2008 Chevrolet Equinox

I m having the same problems with my 08 equinox
It started off with it over heating in the summer time while idling with AC on and has now recently turned into all the time. I just replaced thermostat and sensor but it still over heated when I drove away from the shop. It is now there waiting to be looked at again tomorrow for a possible blown head gasket but the mechanic said it is not showing any signs of that. It seems to be some how related to the heater being on? When the heater is on it over heats and stays hot but when the heater is off it will get hot but cools off while driving getting warm only when stopping.

Hopefully you will just need to replace a clogged radiator.

I have been having the exact same issues. I have replaced the thermostat, pump, sensor and now the radiator and it’s still happening. It has been flushed, been put under pressure and NOTHING is leaking. Some things have helped for a short time but then it happens again. They are looking at it still looking at it as I type but if anyone has any ideas or has had this problem resolved I would really love to hear about it.

Well I did the same thing you have done I changed everything that needed to change and I was overheating,finely I had to trade my truck in. Everyone kept saying it was my head’s and that I need to put a new motor it was not worth it.

My equinox had bad head gaskets when I bought it. Not a hard job. But it’s $1k at most shops. I did like the fact it was a pushrod motor so there were no timing belts to fiddle with.

You may just have a failing stepper motor, Have them check the actual temps with an old fashioned gauge hooked up. Stepper motor went out on my speedometer, could be doing 35, showing 65, could be 70 showing 30 compared to speed on my garmin, and logical speeds keeping up with traffic.