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2006 Chevrolet Equinox - Overheats

I have replaced everything in this car and it is still over heating. Even when it is not overheating there is always a little puddle underneath the front wheel when i get in again. Any Idea what is causing this problem?

No you haven’t or the problem would be solved.

WHICH front wheel? It matters. Is the puddle coolant? Or AC water?

Clearly you have a leak. I cannot diagnose leaks over the internet without lots of good pictures and a better explanation of the puddle location.

Whatever mechanic that worked on this car should have found that leak if they were competent. Coolant leaves a trail when it leaks. Follow the trail. If you can’t, UV dye can be added to the coolant and then a UV light will highlight the path.

Did you replace radiator cap? If it’s not releasing pressure properly it will push coolant out the over flow tank and will cause to overheat

The 3.4 motor does have history of head gasket issues. Or maybe I just look for them. I am on my 3rd in 3yrs. And am looking at 4th. I like to work on them. My sample size is small. But it seems to be easy to find equinoxes with bad head gaskets.