Overdrive prolem

why would my 92 honda accord run rough when it shift into overdrive.

When it’s going fast it is injecting fuel, inhaling air, and moving exhaust gas near the limit. So if there’s anything that’s clogging any of the systems a little, it would show up then.

ok like the fuel filter or fuel injecter?

fuel filter, engine air cleaner, or cat would be my guess.

Are you sure what you’re feeling isn’t torque converter clutch shutter?

When the transmission shifts into overdrive, a clutch in the torque converter locks up.

If this clutch is worn, or the transmission fluid is worn where the additives that prevents clutch shutter have broken down, the car will vibrate or shake when the transmission shifts into overdrive.


hmmm ok i will have to look into that. I thank you for the information .

As you accelerate from 0-60 mph, at what speed does this symptom appear?