My 1993 Honda accord is kicking In and out of overdrive at highway speeds

Can someone help me please!! My 1993 Honda accord coupe is kicking In and out of overdrive from 55 mph and up so what’s the problem?


If the transmission fluid is at the proper level, then the problem might be with the overdrive switch/solenoid.


Is the car in “Limp Mode”. The tranny drops to second gear and RPMs go way up. If so, there is a computer module that the capacitors & resistors burn up in. It cuases the tranny to stay in limp mode. Here is a link to th repairs. - See more at:

It has almost 260,000 but the tyranny only drops down when out about 2nd and all the fluids are good I just changed them

Oops. Urban myth #4. Service high miles trans, it fails soon after. U did use honda fluid?

“the tyranny only drops down…”

That is one of the more interesting Freudian slips that I have seen lately.

Anyway…Cavell raises an excellent point.
Was genuine Honda fluid used?
Is it possible that this fluid change the first one for a very long time, and/or was it done as a Hail Mary Pass?

In other words…How many miles had elapsed between fluid changes, and did this problem exist prior to the fluid change, or not?

The transmission was doing it before hand so I changed the fluid and used genuine Honda fluid and then put Lucas in it

How many miles/years had elapsed between the previous fluid change and this recent one?

I’m not sure I got the car about a year ago and just changed the fluid in the summer so awhile I’m guessing because the fluid was burnt but when I got it it wasn’t doing nearly as bad as it is now it would only do it if u got on it now it doesn’t even matter

When the car drops drops out of overdrive does it go into limp mode? This is a common problem and can be fixed with a soldering iron and replacing resistors in the Transmission Control Unit.

Is the D4 light blinking? That is the equivalent of a check engine light for the transmission. If it is, you can get the codes read at AutoZone for free, they show up on the code reader the same as engine codes.

My '91 Camry did that too. Its last two living ponies were struggling to keep the car going 70 up inclines. It had to downshift to do so. Does your Honda do it mainly on inclines?

"you can get the codes read at AutoZone for free, they show up on the code reader the same as engine codes. "

Are you sure about that, keith?
This 1993 Honda almost surely has OBD-1 instead of OBD-2, and the folks at the auto parts stores don’t seem to be able to read those OBD-1 codes on old cars.

Let’s back up a bit here. You changed the tranny fluid with the real honda stuff and you put Lucas in it? I doubt putting Lucas in it is a great idea.

VDCdriver, you got me, my bad. The codes can be retrieved by shorting the P2 connector located under the dash by the outboard side of the glove box.

Doubleclutch the reason why I put the Lucas in there was to push everything back into place because when I researched it it was a in a lot of cases because the rings inside the tranny had shrunk

Are you sure you don’t have a high speed miss? That can make a car downshift especially on grades.
When was the last time plugs or wires were changed?

I’m having them changed in like 2 weeks but before now more than likely forever ago

260k miles and u might have trans issue? U can live in denial I suppose. Trans do wear out over time