Overcharging for repair?

At the Toyota dealer, we had our 07 Highlander’s 4WD tires replaced and asked for an alignment. When we picked it up, they said the right rear wheel had a bolt that was seized and they couldn’t align that wheel. Want to replace, in their words, a rear knuckle, bolts and nuts, and an arm/spindle, which they say is the most expensive of the parts.

They want $400 for this. Does that make sense? Is there another way to remove the bolt without replacing all the other pieces? Or could an independent repair shop find a cheaper source of parts?

4 years is a bit young for that level of corrosion. I’m willing to bet that an independent shop with perhaps some penetrating lube or a bit of heat applied can free the bolt.

I’m with mountainbike. Take it to another shop. NOT a dealership.

Even if they had to bust the nut, and remove the bolt, I don’t believe there’s one in the adjustment portion of that (independent rear end) vehicle that would require the rest of the parts be replaced. I agree with the others, you need another mechanic.

Get a second opinion from another mechanic in your area.