Maintenance on 2001 Highlander with 105K

A few months ago I took my 2001 Highlander into the dealership for the basic 90K maintenance. (90K is a big one on my car, not 100K.) They recommended that I do the following ASAP:

Timing Belt, Spark Plugs, Coolant Service, Valve Adjustment, and “Miscellaneous items in the T-Belt area (water pump, etc.)” Their estimate was $2000 - $2400, which sounded completely insane. They said I could wait a few months until I had more time.

So what of this do I really need to do, and how much should it cost? I know I need to do the timing belt and spark plugs right now, but what about the valve adjustment? The quote on that is $645.

The regular maintenance can be done by any qualified garage,which will charge less and not stick you with unnecessary extras.

My guess is that such an independent would charge $500-$600 for the timing belt and water pump, $120 to service the cooling system, $80-$100 for 6 spark plugs, and not a whole lot more.

My Toyota dealer charges $264 for the cooling system service, the valve clearance check, and the cabin air filter. They also charge $140 for new iridium plugs (4 cyl), and $90 to replace transmission fluid.

If we took $600 for the timing belt and water pump, $264 for the cooling system and other service and $140 for the plugs, and $90 for transmission fluid, we get about $1094 for the works. That’s my guess. An independent shop would be quite happy to do this work for that amount, unless there are other items needing repairs that you have not told us about.

I agree that these things need to be done, but I’m puzzled why the dealership said it was urgent and then told you it could wait for 2 months!

Valve adjustments are not often done; on my Toyota is is an inspection only. The $645 sounds like a lot of money; no way should it take 6 hours at current shop rates.

Shop around and find an independent mechanic who will tell you if you actually need a valve adjustment!!!

Oh right, ASAP means not putting it off indefinitely. I realize that sounds contradictory.

I just checked with my mom’s independent mechanic. He said I shouldn’t do the valve adjustment at all unless I had a mystery problem, because it’s a huge 5+ hour dismantling job for my car, not a simple adjustment. The dealership also said it was labor intensive, but also told me it was a necessary service. They also didn’t specify what “miscellaneous” included, other than the water pump.

If I was buying a new vehicle and discovered it had a rubber timing belt and valves that required adjustment, I would just stand up, smile, and walk away…There are just too many other QUALITY vehicles out there…

Since you are stuck with yours, first, forget the dealer and find an independent shop to perform these services. That will save you almost half. Next, ask them to CHECK the valve clearance to determine if adjustment (which probably involves replacing shims) is necessary…If no adjustment is necessary, this inspection should not cost more than $100, unless that back valve cover is very difficult to remove…

With respect to the valves, the Toyota manual says EXACTLY what your mum’s independent mechanic said; INSPECT, and only if you have a real problem do more work.

The last car I had the valves adjusted on was a 1965 Dodge dart with mechanical lifters.

What does the owner’s manual call for?

If your valves are not noisy, they don’t need adjustment.If they are only a little noisy you can decide if you are bothered enough to spend the money.

Dealerships lead to the most expensive ownership of vehicles. Call independents. Toyota/Lexus is a common man car, nothing special involved.

Do timing belt/plugs. Forget the valve inspection.

too high of estimate,find another place,for that miliage defenitely-t-belt,water
pump,accesory belt,spark plugs,all filters,atf drop pan replaced filter,coolant
changed use all oe parts.maybe $1200?