Outside vs. Covered Parking in Central Texas

I am in the process of getting a new car and a new apartment. How important is it that my apartment complex has covered parking? I am not sure if the heat (100+ in the summer) has any major concerns for my car if it is left outside 24/7. I also don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to my car, like a protective cover or anything, since vehicle burglary is a minor concern. Thanks!

Covered parking would be a big plus to me. Doesn’t have to be in a garage, just under some sort of shade. My '96 ES300’s interior did fine in 15 years in Dallas, but I think much of that was because it was almost always out of the sun.

Based on my limited experience in the area, you will be very happy if you have a covered (shaded) place to park your car. It will be good for the car and for you.

Generally you can expect a little longer life from tyres and rubber parts of your car if you can keep it out of the sun 

 I would not worry much about increased attention from thieves for a car under an awning.

Covered parking (in a garage or under a roof) is superior to outside parking. If you have the option of covered parking, take it.

Having lived in the southwest, if you don’t have covered parking, get a sunshade. The sun down there will crack the dash over time.

Covered ir preferable. Not only does it protect the car interior and hold down heat it’s also a benefit when it comes to one of those severe hailstorms which hit this part of the country quite often.