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Hydraulic clutch

How do I determine if my problem is with the master cylinder or slave cylinder of my clutch? I have to pump the pedal several times in the morning to get my clutch to work

More info. Year, Make, Model. It may not matter which is causing the problem, many master cylinders and slaves have to be replaced as a whole unit. That’s why more info is needed.

A slave cylinder will develope an external leak if it’s defective. The master cylinder can develope an internal leak where it doesn’t produce the proper hydraulic pressure to operate the slave cylinder. So if the slave cylinder isn’t leaking the master cylinder probably has an internal leak.

But it really doesn’t matter. If either cylinder is leaking it’s usually a good idea to replace both.


1998 Isuzu Hombre 2.2 liter engine and 5 speed transmission

Thanks for the info. My truck is an Izusu Hombre 1998 with a 2.2 four cylinder. Is it possible to change one or the other? The reason I ask is that the slave cylinder is inside the bellhousing. While the transmission doesn`t look too hard to pull, the bellhousing is in really tight quarters.

You should also inspect the rubber hose too, as they can develop small leaks that can cause this. Have you tried bleeding the system?

I had a friend help me bleed it yesterday but it seemed to have little effect. I haven`t found any leaks externally but it did have some air in the lines when I bled it.

If the system is not losing fluid then I would lean toward the master cylinder as the problem. Beware though… I have seen slave cylinder failures that don’t leak externally.

The only way to know for sure if the components are available separately is to go to a parts store and find out.

Man! I hate it when they bury the slave cylinder in the bell housing. If that’s the case, I’d just replace the master cylinder and cross my fingers that the restored hydraulic pressure doesn’t take out the old slave cylinder.