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Clutch sticking

We have a 99 Honda Civic. Our clutch is sticking in all gears and won’t go into 5th gear at all. There is no resistance when I push down on the clutch pedal. Thanks for any ideas!

You need a new clutch master cylinder, and probably the slave cylinder too.


Thank you-that sounds expensive but kind of what I expected! May be time to retire our trusty civic…

It is not that expensive. The master cylinder and slave cylinder can both be purchased for $50 total, and maybe a couple or 3 hours labor. This repair can be done for around $250 or less. A shame to junk a car over a $250 repair.

It could be expensive.

Usually when the hydraulics fail in a clutch system, it also takes out the clutch.


That’s possible, @Tester, but only if you ignore it for too long. I had my master cylinder fail on me, replaced both master and slave, then the slave failed after a couple of months and I replaced it under warranty. That was 2 years ago, and the clutch is still great, never had to touch it.

Taking it to the shop tomorrow-I’ll let you know how it works out!

Had the slave and master cylinder replaced for $350, which wasn’t bad. But…have already been back to the shop once for an adjustment for sticking and it started doing the same thing halfway to Thanksgiving dinner today. Once we tried to go home it wouldn’t move at all. I remember this from a previous car and I’m sure it is the entire clutch now. Hopefully, I can work out a deal since they didn’t fix it properly the first two tries…Thanks again fro your help, Tester and BustedKnuckles-we felt smarter going into the garage knowing what the problem was!

I’m afraid it will be no deal unless they decided that it was the master and slave cylinder. If you went in and asked them to replace the those two items and it didn’t work, they are not under any obligation to make you a deal. They might make you a deal as a returning customer, but not because doing what you ordered didn’t work.

The symptoms you experienced is usually due to an issue with the master and/or slave cylinder, but it could be some pieces of the clutch plate are chipping off and getting between the clutch plate and the flywheel or the clutch plate and the pressure plate. That will also cause the same symptoms. So can a broken flywheel bolt, hope its not that, that will get expensive.