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Slave cylinder

My clutch went out suddenly and I took it to a shop where they replaced the slave cylinder. When I got it back, the clutch works, but the clutch petal doesn’t engage until it is about two inches from the floor. It feels funny, but is this a problem?

They should have also replaced the clutch master cylinder. Anytime either of these components fail they’re usually both replaced. That’s because if one has failed the other isn’t far behind.


They said that they checked that the master cylinder was held pressure and it was OK.

Is the soft clutch pedal a problem? Is there something that could be done to address it?

Correct me if I’m wrong anyone, but when I replaced my slave cylinder a while back, it had a soft, squishy feel to it and was very unresponsive until it got close to the floor.

This was due to improper bleeding of the fluid lines on my part. I’d check that. There should be a bleeder valve on the slave cylinder if you’re comfortable enough to attempt this.


Tester is correct about replacing both of them of course.
Does the clutch pedal have a lot of free play in it before you feel any hydraulic pressure?
(there should be very little)
Shift smoothly and easily?

There are several things it could be but knowing about the pedal free play and shifting could help; along with knowing if the clutch felt normal up to the time it failed.

If it feels funny, it probably wasn’t bleed completely.