Helpful winter driving advice

… if you are driving near people with Upper Respiratory Infections.


That stuff is slick, though.


Especially if it is whale snot.


Why ?

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You’ll slang that stuff all over the windshield when you turn. It’s hard to get it off.

As for no 4wd on snow and ice, good question.


FOX23 is in Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma,
maybe OK4450 can tell us about that SNOT driving. LOL

Talk about climate change. Wow.


It depends on the vehicle and drive system. Our 2 current AWD vehicles kick in to 4wd when needed as did my trailblazer with the auto mode. my 03 f250 used 4wd while plowing or stuck, the 4wd was turned off unless needed

I understand that,

But they’re saying “DO NOT DRIVE in 4WD”, so letting your car select 4wd is the wrong thing to do.

Actual, traditional 4WD drivetrains require the wheels to be on a soft or slippery surface, so each wheel can slip a bit as tensions build up in the drive train. Think sand, gravel, dirt, mud, snow - NOT hard pavement that allows good traction.

The terms 4WD and AWD are often used interchangeably. For clarity, they should not be.

No ability to disengage Awd as far as I know, it has been working fine, no worries for me. Kicks in when you need it is good in my book.

Could someone here who knows more than I do please discuss transfer cases, locking front hubs (both manual and automatic) and center differentials, etc.?

Maybe there’s a good explanation that can be linked to.

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I understand and know that, but this news item said NOT to drive on snow and ice in 4wd


No reason not to use traditional 4wd on snow or ice that I’m aware of. I use 4wd when it snows (which doesn’t happen often here, but anyway). The drivetrain isn’t going to bind on snow and certainly not on ice.


If the pavement is hard and allows good traction (i.e., not all covered with snow and ice) it’s best to avoid using the traditional 4WD system.

I had a Toyota 4X4 years ago and when I drove it on hard pavement in 4WD mode with front hubs locked, I heard snapping sounds from time to time. I later learned that that was the sound of the drivetrain being overstressed.

Correct. I’m not sure why they put “don’t use 4wd” on the weather forecast, though. I doubt they’re concerned about drivetrain stress…?

So… Fox “News” is spreading misinformation?
Who woulda’ thunk?



I know that, but this news item said NOT to use 4WD on snow and ice.

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I guess it comes down to how much of the road has good traction and how much allows slippage: a judgment call. It’s important to understand the drivetrain system you have, and its capabilities and limitations. The owners manuals I’ve seen are a good guide.

Hey, hey! Fox News was the first to report this. Everyone else is lagging behind.