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Our car shakes, rumbles

Our 2002 Chrysler 300 recently started shaking when we go over 60 miles an hour or so, and now it shakes even around 50 or less. The rumbling feeling is not comfortable. What do you think it could be?

A couple of things to look at.

  1. Check the lug nuts for looseness on all four wheels. I was driving a 98 Windstar on the expressway and notice a slight vibration from the front end. I pulled over a the next exit and found the lug nuts on one wheel were loose. I had changed a flat a month prior and evidently had not tightened the nuts properly.

  2. How old and how many miles are on the tires? Are all four tires the same? I’ve had tires cause vibration/resonance near end of life and 2 different brands of tires (same size though) cause a car to shake violently. Also, are the tires properly balanced? Perhaps one of the wheels lost a weight.

  3. Have the front end checked out by an independent mechanic, not a chain.

Ed B.

The most likely cause is unevenly worn tires or out-of-balance wheels.

Improper alignment could be a contributing factor.

The tire sizes are: 225/60R16 and the difference is in the numbers that come after that; one says 98T m+s, and one of them says 97s m+s. What do those numbers refer to on the tire?

The load rating and the speed rating.

Visit for a good primier on tires.

thank you all for your great advice. My husband found a swelling on one of the tires. Mechanic said it could have exploded. We are getting 2 new all weather tires. Thanks again.