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Do I need new tires?

I have about 25K miles on tires that are expected to last for 60K miles. The tred is fine. But I have experienced occasional serious shaking of the car when going at high speeds. Not every time. And it has only happened when I am alone in the car (of course did not happen with mechanic in the car). My mechanic says I need an alignment and new tires, claiming that by being out of alignment the tires are ruined. Says it is heat and road conditions that cause the effect and there is steel belt damage within at least one of the tires. Curiously, the car does not do the classic out-of-alignment thing of pulling to one side. Not at all. Is it an alignment and tire issue or something else? The car has 175,000 miles on it and otherwise run great! THANKS

Out Of Balance Tires Will Shake A Car And Cause Uneven Tire Wear That Will Shake A Car. A Defective Tire Will Shake A Car. Worn Shocks Or Struts Will Add To A Shake.

What Model-Year is this car ? How old (years) are these tires ?

You can try a balance and see if it helps. You can also have the tires cheked for lateral and radial run-out to see if there’s a defect.


Out of alignment conditions often expose themselves as irregular tire wear, which often manifests itself as periodic shaking of the type you describe. Not pulling to one side is not a sign that you are not out of alignment.

However, with 175,000 miles on the clock I’d want to have the entire chassis gone over for possible worn out pars. Ball joints, tie rod ends, that sort of stuff. Take it to a good chassis shop for a good look-see and alignment.

With the car on a lift, carefully inspect all the tires for abnormal wear…If abnormal wear is found, inspect the steering and suspension for worn parts, and repair any problems found. Then do an alignment and balance the tires if they are found to be serviceable…Replace the tires if they are worn unevenly…

First, shaking caused by tires is speed specific and ALWAYS is there when you reach that speed. The range were the shaking will occur will be between 50 and 70 mph. If the shake comes and goes when at that specific speed, it’s something else.

At 200k, your entire suspension is probably toast.
Control arms, bushings, struts, etc.
Have everything checked, and expect a $2000 repair bill.

At 200k, your entire suspension is probably toast.

Why do you say that?? I’ve had several vehicles OVER 300k miles and with the exception of shocks/struts and ONE control arm bushing…the suspensions were fine…never an issue. When my daughter finally got rid of my 98 pathfinder it had close to 500k miles and the suspension was still fine. 200k miles does NOT mean there’s a problem.