2009 Chrysler Town & Country - Shimmy

intermittent shimmy - happens after around 200 miles for about 20-30 miles. Then it stops. All speeds - with or without breaking. 2 tires replaced already… occasional roar while driving distances.

I’d guess you need 2 more tires if the roar is comping from the same end as the older tires (you don’t say). Tire age out as well as wear out. The rubber gets very hard and traction suffers. A tell tale of that is tires that roar.

I’d also have the suspension checked to make sure nothi g is loose or worn out since you have, well, xxx miles (you don’t say).

My bad… it was late… I was well past eyes slamming shut hour. I appreciate the reply.

I am really not sure where the roar is coming from. It’s only happened twice, once before tire replacement (during a driving rain storm) and once 3 days after.
The tire fellas from this last time said the breaks look fine.
The van has around 70K miles on it… there have been two full sets of new tires since '09 - the last ones April of 2018. We don’t drive a whole lot.

I am more concerned about the wicked shimmy. It’s pretty noticeable. I’m starting to think it might be bearings… while I’m 300+ miles from home. Is there such a thing as greasing bearings anymore? Would that be done out of hand during a new tire install?

You Vans wheel bearings are not serviceable. They are a sealed unit and would need to be replaced.