Our camry

1995 camry toyota - weeks ago on the sat morning show I heard the answer given to a caller and I can’t remember what was given.

Many noises and rattles (loose basketballs) and the exhaust system is fine. The brothers said it was a gasket in the stabilizer bar???

They said this occured alot with this model?

When does it do it,when idling,turning hitting bumps?
If it is setting still it is heat shield.
When driving it could be rubber or plastic bushing in front end parts, stabilizer bars have bushing but never heard of gaskets.
Should be able to grab front end parts and see if they move at either end, or use pry bar to try to move parts but do not use to much force.

noises only when hitting bumps.

thanks for your help! These suggestions will be checked today.

Noise front or rear? Left or right?

My parents’ 1999 Camry makes a heck of a racket at the top of the front passenger side strut every time it goes over bump. I understand this is common on this car, but the dealer says it won’t do any damage and not to worry about it until the car needs new struts.

Worn or missing bushings in the stabilizer bar can also make noise.

A long shot, but check the hood hinges. There was some play in the hinges of my 2000 Blazer that made a heck of a racket every time it hit a bump. Tighten the hinge bolt or shove a piece of cardboard in to the hinge to see if there is any difference.

Ed B.

Yeah, had those gaskets (the shop called 'em spacers I think) go on mine. Replaced. Quieted it right up.

thanks, I think I’m looking at new struts.

thaanks, I recently replaced the two gas shocks on the hood. I think the hood is ok.

thanks , will consider to try . It maybe the struts which is 1500 -1700.

My '96 rattled in the rear over bumps, I thought it was struts, turned out to be bushings in the rear - way cheaper than struts!