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2000 Camry Rear Stabilizer Bar Mount Noise?

My 2000 Camry makes a clunking noise in the rear when going over bumps (even minor bumps) in the road. The rear shocks seem to recoil properly, without oscillation, when I push down on the rear fenders. I’ve read that the stabilizer bar mounts can sometimes cause the noise I’m hearing. However, the mounts look OK. Is there some definitive test for these mounts that will tell me whether they need replacement? I also notice that the stabilizer bar has a fair amount of corrosion, and a thick layer of paint (or some other factory applied finish) has peeled off the bar in the vicinity of the mounts. I assume this creates a bit of extra clearance within the mounts, maybe a few thousandths of an inch. Is that enough to cause the noise? Do I need to replace the stabilizer bar in addition to the mounts? Thanks! Bob

Make sure the vehicle is secure however it’s raised (I like ramps), slide underneath, and shake the sway bar vigorously.

Even though the mounts look good, the rubber shrinks, the holes enlarge from wear, and a groove can even wear in the sway bar. Yup, it’s enough to cause thunking.

Note that the bushings in the sway bar links can also become thunkers. Check those too.

Yep, it was the main bushings (not the ones on the links). I had previously jacked up only one tire and found no play in the bushings, probably because jacking only one side applies pressure to the sway bar. When the suspension is equally loaded on both sides (I used ramps to get under the car), the jiggle in the bushings was obvious. Thanks!!!