O'Reilly's: Does Anybody Actually *BUY* Anything There?


Well I still have paper books and just find it a lot more convenient. I keep one book with sections for each car and major equipment such as the lawn mower, etc. I also have a section in it for house stuff and yard repairs. Everything is logged in the book with mileage, date, cost, and any other useful information like part numbers for the future. Receipts are just put in the book in that section and if they get too thick, file them with the car documents. So I can go to one book and see when I planted trees, replaced the trailer bearings, when the furnace was serviced or repaired, and the hinge numbers for replacement cabinet hinges.

Works a lot better than screwing around with a computer. The only less effective part is if I want to schedule future work at certain dates or mileages or a spring project list. But I don’t think a computer would help with that.


Yes, it does. Spread sheets and reminders.


Not as convenient as a piece of paper though and easier to carry, unless you like the blinking lights.


Actually, my phone is far more convenient than any printed copies now. It’s virtually seamless integration with home computers and can take pictures, scan barcodes, open spreadsheets, you name it. Heck, I can show the cashier a digital coupon on my phone…you just have to get rid of that flip phone :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree its convenient and handy but I just wonder how many other people are looking at what’s on your phone and computer? I kinda draw the line at paying for a cup of coffee with a phone though, but who can read the small print?


Agree with bing still hav the flip phone & do not know how to use a smart phone nor do I trust having all that inrormation that can posibly be hacked whe I am out in public.


Not likely. If someone physically gets ahold of your phone, then they have a chance…but if it’s securely in you pocket…no way.

I keep a lot of information on my phone…including apple-pay with my Visa card. I backup to the cloud and my home server at least once a week. Right now very few companies accept apple-pay, but more and more are getting on board every day. I prefer paying with that instead of pulling out my wallet.

As for receipts…I prefer electronic…HOWEVER…I decline them and get a paper receipt. Once you say give me a receipt, that means that companies like Home Depot will now send you dozens of email advertisements a week. So I opt out of them. If they didn’t use the electronic receipt as a confirmation to send me unwanted emails, I’d get the electronic receipt. Not just picking on Home Depot…every store that offers electronic receipts does it.


I was just going through the CR summaries on new cars and on one of the Ford models, one of the new features I believe is called info sync or something like that. I’d have to go look at it again. At any rate, with a smart phone, it lets you lock and unlock the car, do a remote start, AND using GPS track where it is.

I’m sorry computer guys, but why would I want to be able to track where my car is with GPS? Did I forget where I parked it and the horn button doesn’t work? This is too much. And if I can track it, so can other people more computer savy than I am.

So you can do everything with a smart phone, but they don’t tell you what the towing capacity is on any of them. Interesting I was checking the hitch availability from etrailer on the Focus and the Renegade. Although the manual says no towing, a class I hitch is available for the Focus. On the Renegade though, it’s a class III hitch with a 4500# capacity. I’m pretty sure no towing is recommended for this questionably reliable Jeep but 4500#? I rented one and it is so poorly powered, it can hardly move on its own let alone pull anything but a 1000# trailer.


Mike you may be right but I am old school with a sixth grade education I had no credit untill I was in my 50s & not even a bank account the way I was raised we did not trust banks & payed cash for every thing if we did not have the money in the pocket we did without.


Ever hear of LoJack? Used to track your car in case it’s stolen.

That’s nothing new. I’ve bought class-III hitches for vehicles that are only rated for Class-I or Class-II. Doesn’t mean you have to use that way. My Highlander is rated as Class-II. The reason I bought a Class-III hitch was so I could use my bike carrier/hitch that’s designed for a Class-III receiver.

Without looking at the system - I’d be very surprised that you can turn on the GPS capability without some password or code. Will probably only work for the phone it’s paired with.


The closest parts stores to me are in a cluster: Auto Zone, Pep Boys, O’Reilly’s, Advance, all within a few blocks of each other. I’ve never found anything in O’Reilly’s that the other 3 lacked, found anything cheaper there, found anyone more knowledgeable than I am (a low bar). I’ll bet it varies from town to town. Advance bought all the Carquests in Albuquerque, if not everywhere.

I get receipts e-mailed to me whenever I can: they never fade. I always get them at Home Depot; I have never received an ad from Home Depot. I suspect Mr @MikeInNH didn’t opt out.

Walmart tried to get all its vendors to attach RFID tags to their merchandise, but they balked. When that happens, and it’s coming, you’ll just roll out the door with your purchases, a scanner will scan all the merchandise in your cart and the chip in your head credit card, charge your account.


I have opted out MANY TIMES. But the next time you have them send you a receipt, they now disregard the opt out you selected. So I stop getting electronic receipts.


Here’s one reason; kids of driving age but using Dad’s car…


See, that’s one of the differences in us. I wouldn’t want to track my kids with GPS. Need to develop trust both ways. Same thing with tracking spouses or boy friends and so on. Its an adult thing, liberty, freedom, privacy. It’s why we’re different from China.


I agree…! O’Reilly’s is useless and carries cheap crap that I would never put into any vehicle of mine. They came to town a couple of years ago and ran some local shops out of business so now stuck with them, AutoZone (which is better) and N.A.P.A. (which is best)…!


I wonder if they have different grades of merchandise depending on the area served? I usually buy the professional series of Meguires products but last time was surprised to find that they had mostly the consumer grade on the shelf.


I suspect your particular O’Reilly’s is stocking cheap garbage . . . because in my area O’Reillys tend to stock more expensive stuff than Autozone

To be specific, the O’Reilly’s managers and/or owners in your area are stocking cheap garbage, so that they can undercut the competition, at least long enough for them to disappear


Yeah, my one experience (so far) with O’Reilly’s was that they stocked the same Fel-Pro gaskets that Advance did, with better selection.

If the “accessories” they stock out in the front of the store were chintzy or not, I didn’t notice. I always thought that Pep-Boys was the king of “cheap pointless crud” being marketed, followed by AutoZone. None of this has any bearing on where I shop: I don’t go to an auto parts store to buy a cheap adjustable wrench, a “glowing skull shift knob,” or similar.


O’Reilly’s pretty much carries the same thing in the stores that they do online and, yes, you can always get better quality by asking at their stores but it’s never on sale and never as good of quality nor as good of pricing as I can get at my local N.A.P.A.


Unsolicited Testimony
Hey Bing! Have you tried DUB (“developed by Meguiar’s”) Wheel Cleaner? Spray on the awesome looking green foam. Let it do its thing, help it a little with a brush or sponge if you choose and when it turns red (when done cleaning), wash it off! Voila! Clean wheels!

It makes wheel cleaning easy and fun! Look for a black 22 oz. spray bottle.