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Napa or Oreillys

Napa or Oreillys they both got my part in stock I know I can get the part cheaper online but I like to see the car part in person to see what I’m getting and in good quality . Catalytic converter. I don’t wanna go OEM . Don’t wanna pay that much

NAPA no question. I don’t trust the O’s stuff, but NAPA has several different quality levels so you have to make sure to ask to get the right one for you.


Search for discount codes and/or visit the websites of O’Reilly, NAPA, Car Quest, Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Pep Boys, etcetera, to find online discounts. Then find your parts in stock, check manufacturers and warranty information and at great price and order online, to pick up “in store”. Orders are usually ready within an hour.
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Yes, they all have different quality levels. I have the most experience with Autozone and O’Reilly as far as the chain stores since that is what we have in town. Some parts seem fine at either place while others are better from elsewhere. I couldn’t seem to get decent wipers to save my life. I never bought the cheapest and bought some of the higher end ones. It was frustrating to have them bad out of the package or only last 2-3 months. I finally went to a local place and paid more (they only had one grade) but have been happy so far.

Another thing to note is that some parts are only made by a few companies. I have noticed the stampings/castings of parts from both stores are often exactly the same but the parts come in a different box which is packaged up for the store where it is being sold. I understand this is pretty common throughout many industries so it makes sense.

Look at the price and warranty of the part in question. I know converters aren’t cheap so you want to get something that lasts. Finding an online promotion or discount code is also a good suggestion.


I’d prefer Napa usually, but I’m not sure it’ll matter on the cat converter. I’d be more inclined to look at the brand of the converter. It’s probably going to be made by one of a few companies (Walker, Magnaflow, etc.). I don’t think either store sells a “house brand” converter like they do for a lot of other parts. Heck, they may both be selling the same aftermarket cat.


More and more the McParts chains have brought on upper lines of parts that are comparable to NAPA but those unfamiliar with the situation and clueless on how to distinguish the good from the not so good it’s simple to go to NAPA and get their best. But even their parts are not immune from problems of course. I recall installing alternators on Mazda 626s and wondering why anyone would ever buy the cheapest one available.

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Which store has the friendlier staff or the lowest price?

I’ve gone to both stores, and I’ve found them both to be satisfactory.

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rather than worry about this part for an unknown vehicle just check with an independent muffler shop for a price for them to do the replacement.
I had one replaced on a truck and for what they charged there was no way I was going to do that myself

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Thank you all for the reply’s I’ll go Napa . Napa and Oreillys are the only ones in town. As far as the discounts go Wouldn’t know how to look that up. 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE Sports utility Bank 1 cat, passenger side

I know I probably shouldn’t ask this question but…I’m feelin kinda silly so here goes…

Why do you need to replace this Cat? Did you receive a code that pointed toward the Cat efficiency? Was it physically damaged?

I ask only because having to replace a Cat convertor because of failure (other than physically damaged) is, in reality somewhat of a rare occurrence. I pray you aren’t replacing it because a few codes made you suspect it as a failed part…

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I brought it up on here a few times I had a bad camshaft position sensor that made my engine run rough when I changed it the old one had a pin size melted hole in it ( once I changed it ran awesome after that no problems) .but I Always had a cat code for the past year and a half. I cleared the codes a few times and it would change to 02 sensor than bad cat . Soo I might change both . I took it to the shops around here but none of them wanna work on it keep telling me nothings wrong with it and charge me $100 for bringing it in for a diagnostics

Also it has 160,000 miles don’t know if it had the cats changed

Glad I asked. If I were you, I’d would focus on repairing any exhaust leaks and your O2 sensors before suspecting the Cat. Very often people replace Cats due to the codes associated with Catalytic efficiency…which will be affected (or appear that way to the computer) with failing sensors and or exhaust leaks.

But that’s just me… Quality Cats aren’t cheap and like I mentioned prior…they seldom go bad without severe abuse and or physical damage. They can fail, but it’s just rare (imho)

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NAPA seems like the better choice of the two. I used NAPA all the time when I lived in Colorado with p pretty good results; but NAPA car parts places are not a common sight in the San Jose area. And the few that used to be here that I used occasionally seem to have disappeared. Calif’s draconian rules and regulations sometimes will drive certain vendors out of the state.

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NAPA is much more professional here now. O’Reillys started tanking about 3 years ago and most of their employees look like they’re on parole work program.

Just an FYI, the converters you buy at NAPA or wherever are likely made by the same people who make the OEM ones for the car manufacturer.
I forget the name of the company but a documentary on TV about 6 years ago spelled a bit of it out. They literally had thousands of templates for the manufacture of various converters and so on.

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One of our local chains (Sanel Brothers) is now a NAPA franchise. They changed their name to Sanel NAPA. Same personal. They just get their products from NAPA. A couple of differences over some other NAPA stores…Sanel’s don’t carry the Silver line of filters. Only the Gold Line (Wix). I was talking with one of the owners and he was telling me that the warehouse they use to buy their parts from was the same place NAPA bought their parts from.

The biggest difference between Sanel’s and places like ADAP, AutoZone or PepBoys are the personal. Sanel has knowledgeable parts personal. Some have been working there for decades.

Agreed with MikeinNH. Most of the guys at the NAPA here were there back in the 80s. A few short termers have been there for 20+ years., At one point I had not been in there for 15 years and when I did they remembered me. Nice touch.

AutoZone and O’Reillys employee situation is similar to the sun coming up. Changes almost daily especially with AZ.

But than I had people on here say why does everybody think it’s the o2 sensor. When I told them gonna buy new o2 sensors they talked me out the o2 sensors so it’s confusing

Because it sounds like you are just replacing parts without verification that the parts really need to be replaced . Why not pay a shop the diagnostic fee and find out for sure . They might even waive that fee if you let them do the work.

I went to 3 shops $100 each hour wait on each told them my codes they confirmed my codes and they said nothings wrong with it all they did was clear my codes check a few things and waited to see if they came back which they diddnt for bout 20 minutes to an hour while we were back on the road tired of spending my money on shops