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On line purchase from a McParts store

Several times now I have ordered parts from my local brick & mortar store on line and picked it up later that day. Nice and convenient. And if I got the wrong part I can swap it the same day. I did notice that the on line price is frequently lower than the in store price, plus there are occasional on line promotions. Anyone else notice the pricing difference? I wonder if they do this figuring on- line shoppers are comparing prices and if you are in the store you will just get the part they have.

Yeah, I’ve done what you did a few times . . . with napa

Smooth transaction, no complaints

When I questioned them about the difference in prices . . . on-line versus in-store . . . he blatantly stated it was to make the store a viable alternative to online only retailers

I think if you order parts from Autozone online and pick them up in store you get the online price, not the store price, even if you pay in store

Wow! Refreshing honesty from a retailer! I can respect that.

I noticed this buying Lego toys at Walmart for the grandkids (~10% less) for “pick up at store” purchases.

My closest mainline parts stores in 3 directions are Advance Auto Parts. The 4th direction is only a speed shop.

I used to go there to buy something and while I was there I would browse the store to find other things I might want.

They then raised their prices so they could offer online discounts. discounts seem to range from a minimum of 20% up to 40% by looking for coupon codes. I no longer just go to the store and buy and browse because I am not willing to pay the higher in store price. I suppose if I had a smart phone I could shop and buy online from inside the store but there website seems to indicate that it takes 30 minutes to pick up after an online purchase.
They play games with their discount codes and buying oil. The manager told me that the discounts are not valid to oil that is on sale. I asked him to show me what oik was not “on sale” There was not a single one!

The end result is that I buy less from them than I ever did.

As far as NAPA, I find no difference in their prices online and the in store price. Their own brand parts seem to be a little better than Advance or Autozone at a slightly higher price.

Napa is somewhat strange, in that not all of their stores actually offer discounts for online purchases

In my neck of the woods, most napas offer online discounts, but some do not

In years past, I had my favorite brands and would shop for them at local auto parts stores ( many of them were local parts stores ). However now everything seems to be store brand and you don’t know who is making their parts.