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Order a Coffee and Pay, With a Tap on the Dash'

I was investigating hearing aids at my wife’s insistence. She doesn’t realize that sometimes I don’t WANT to hear her. I saw an intriguing German on thet fit completely in the ear with a rechargeable battery but I lost interest when I found out you adjusted it with your cell phone.

When I drove school bus, 7 or 8 years ago, I had a special ed student whose mother had moved out of the district who wanted him to stay in our school. A compromise was reached where I would take him to a city bus stop and I was supposed to call his mother and let her know he was on the bus.

Since I didn’t have a cell phone our office gave me one to use and sent me with an aide, a gentleman about my age. After the student was on the bus, I handed the phone to the aide and asked him to make the call. It turned out that neither one of us knew how to make a call with a cell phone. I called our office on the radio and had them make the call but the rest of our drivers were quite amused by the radio call.

I actually owned a cell phone from 1989 to 1995 when I was a trucker for the last trucking co. I needed it to get my work call or I could not leave the house. It was huge especially with the optional 6 hour battery pack and it completely filled the pocket of my work pants. It had no screen and dialed just like my touch tone phone at home. I gave it away the day I retired to another driver.

Maxwell Smart.

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