Suggest good coffe mug holder for 1984 Volvo 240



I haven’t been able to find a mug holder that fits well in my 1984 240 series Volvo. Suggestions are requested. Thanks


There is no good aftermarket cup holder that I have found. I’d say the kitchen table is the best. :slight_smile:


OK. Thanks


Something made from a coat hanger and duct tape should do it for a 1984 anything.


I personally use an extra-large roll of duct tape. The center of the roll is just the right size for most commuter mugs and the weight of the tape itself is enough to keep at least a partially full coffee cup from keeling over. Plus since it’s been sitting in the sun, the adhesive has kind of oozed down and now it sticks to the console! Although as I have found uses for the tape, it has become less stable.


Thanks for the suggestions, but the car has only 102,000mi on it, and it’s in immaculate condition. It’s my wife’s car and she likes it very much. The idea of using duct tape didn’t go over very well with her.


Have you tried shopping at a truck stop? Truck stops often have automotive accessories not seen in other retailers.


I’ve seen some on ebay, posted for Mercedes because the older German engineers didn’t feel we should be doing anything but driving. Those screw into the door, and flip up out of the way. Of course if you slam the door with a full cup o’ joe in one you will have other problems. That may be a design flaw.


Maybe this is a goof or prank question . . . maybe not. If not, I have found that since my old Honda also has no cupholder and I sometimes want a cup of coffee . . . I put a shoebox on the passenger floor with a few paperback books in it . . . just shy of my coffee cup. It sits flat on the floor, won’t spill onto my clothes, and won’t become a missile if I get into an accident. Works OK as a cupholder and allows me to catch up on my reading when waiting for the kids at school or soccer practice. Cupholders which attach to something or other usually (my experience) break or fall off and spill the coffee. Rocketman


Boat cup holders work great, and they’re even gimbled! As long as you/she doesn’t mind screwing it onto the dash (better than the doors!). Here are several at Amazon:


Texases’ suggestion gave me another idea. There are also fold-up cupholders that are also designed for boats that sometimes if you’re very lucky just so happen to fit in the place of one of those pop-out ashtrays in the door. If you happen to have the right sized ashtrays they look pretty slick-- almost like it was designed that way! I haven’t been inside a 240 in years, but it’s an old European car so it probably has, what, 5 or 6 ashtrays?

Maybe you can hit the marine supply store on the way out to the truck stop!


I just purchase one of these inexpensive cup holders and snip off the tab. Then take some 3M? automotive double stick trim tape and apply it to the bottom of the cup holder. Now the cup holder can be attached to the console or dash.



A wife.
A husband ?
The co-pilot who can anticipate the corners and bumps will spill much less.