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Order a Coffee and Pay, With a Tap on the Dash'

'Cause driving is so boring, y’know. We already have driverless cars.

It’s just merging technologies that already exist.

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I’m wondering how they will secure this, though. Not from hackers, we already know it won’t be secured from that. But what happens if your kid is using the dashboard as a drum set? :wink:

I wonder if it would work here.

Kiva Coffee House, 13 miles east of Escalante, UT overlooking the Escalante River Valley. Best cappuccino and most beautiful coffee shop with the best view that I have found.

That’s the coolest looking coffee shop I’ve ever seen.

… What the heck is it doing in Utah!? :wink:

Imagine the Domino’s guy pulling you over to deliver a pizza.

I am not into member cards, having my credit card stored for coffee purchases, Sleep mode on computer need a password, auto logon to bank sites etc. forget about it, Paranoid and when was the last data breech? Well after Equifax fail you are gong to trust starbucks? Not in my lifetime… Well maybe if connect t to my Debit card at a bank with $250 balance for Paypal etc. And I have a password protected document for passwords, google docs, sorry you cannot have password protected documents on Google drive. BYE

I’m surprised at how many people have found this place. You travel on Scenic Route 12 about 13.5 miles from the grocery store in Escalante and watch for the wide spot in the road. A kiva is the way Indians used to build their houses, underground. This one is half buried, only the parking lot visible from the road. Here is the road about a mile before you get to it. The haze is from the wildfires. This is the Escalante River Valley. Note, no guardrails on this road.

Looks like a good place to stop if you’re doing the Big Five. I’ll stop in if I visit those parks.

Ya know Caroline has a hard enough time guiding people to stay on topic, Now as much as I love your posts, “What in the world wide hell of your imagination does this have anything to do with the topic.” Sorry new hip and pain meds and grouchy as hell and not regretting it! Start a new post!!! OK I will do it for you.

If you drive to the big 5 or any of the National Parks, PM me and I’ll tell you where the best coffee shops are near them.

Do you believe that he might walk to them?

Great, another thing I don’t want to drive the price of my next car up. I don’t even own a cell phone and now my next car is going to become one.

Maybe I can find a nicely restored 66 Valiant.

Just keeping it car related.

Thanks for the offer, @keith. I’ll keep it in mind if we drive out there. We live on the Right Coast and it’s a long way. We won’t do it immediately, but I understand it’s well worth the trip.

There are some good parks along the right coast as well, Smoky Mountains NP (stay in Gatlenburg TN, better access and cheaper), Arcadia, Everglades etc.

What do you think GM’s On-Star is?

You’re going to have a cell phone whether you want one or not!
And that’s final.

Just wait, next they’ll have one in your sneakers…

No: surgically-implanted.


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