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Orange tires

Okay, you guys are gonna thiink I’m nuts, but here goes.

I read an article yesterday that Yokohama has apparent found a way to successfully use tire remains from citrus processors (specifically, oranges) in their tire compounds. They claim they’ll recognize a significant reduction in use of petroleum resources and that the tires will look, smell, and perform normally. The articke says they’ll be showing up in tires stores this year.

Truth sometimes can be stranger than fiction.

Do you have a link?

Think about it you could be burning used cooking oil and riding on oranges. You would smell like a lunch stand. I bet some of the green movement had to change their shorts when they heard that one.

But seriously, if it works then thumbs up for Yokohama. As long as they release the tech to the other tire manufacturers I will think that it is actually an effort to reduce dependence on foreign oil, rather than a marketing gimmick.

I read it in the Manchester NH Union leader newspaper and have no link. Perhaps a search of their site for Thursday or Friday would turn the article up. Their search function doesn’t seem to work well…I just tried.

You’re right about the goal, reducing their dependence on petroleum…keeping their direct costs down.

Wouldn’t It Make More Sense To Use Large Raised Donuts As Tires And …

… use the citrus remains for air fresheners or maybe fuzzy dice? I would be more interested if the tires actually smelled like oranges. Who wants oranges that smell like rubber? Maybe latex or old tires could be used to make oranges that smell like oranges.

These Yokohama people have way, way too much spare time.

As do we…

Yokohama does lots of research with natural waste materials. For example I had an excellent set of studless winter tires from them that used Walnut shells in the rubber compound for better traction on ice. They worked quite well.

Yokohama(Japan) has to import all raw materials to produce tires. They are looking for alternates to using petroleum to produce tires is a great idea. Limited thinking is what causes dependence on our petroleum based products.

Can you say, “google search engine”, and “yokohama orange tires”? Like this:

how about this funny site that shows you google:

I knew there must be a way.

Thanks Kit.