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Lavender-scented tires

While browsing through the Tire Rack web site, I ran across the strangest thing I’ve ever seen there and I think many of you will find this amusing too. Check out the lavender-scented tires at http://www…a+DX+Aroma

beats head against desk

I simply do not understand.

Don’t fall into their trap! Lavender is emasculating! If you get those tires, your unit will fall off and you’ll sprout your own set of air bags. Step away from the lavender tires!

Do they give off pink smoke if you do a burnout?
if not, they should.

I am just trying to figure out why there is a need for this…after all, who goes around sniffing their tires other than the neighborhood dogs?

I’ve got Michelin “Old-Spice” pilots on my car and they work wonders for me in Saturday night traffic :slight_smile:

Well, I’d like to say that’s about as pointless an invention as can be found. Kind of reminds me of a car show I caught a few minutes of a while back. (Pimp My Ride I think)
The rear tires had a colored chemical in them and when they driver started spinning the tires briskly they would go up in orange smoke just like a smoke ball on the 4th of July.

Guess one could cover up those annoying gas leak vapors and boiling anti-freeze smell with them!

ALL the girlie-dogs head for your car, I’ll bet!

If you were a woman with too much time and money on her hands, you’d understand. ;’)

I wonder if they attract bees??