Opinions on 2007 Buick Lucerne?

how is the Engine &power train??

The base model has the 3.8L/4T65-E combo, the Buick/GM 3.8L is known for great reliability. The CXS model has the Northstar 4.6L paired with the 4T80-E. The Northstar 4.6L doesn’t have as sterling a reputation as the 3.8L, it has relatively high repair costs, but it’s noticeably more powerful.

the CXS has the 3.6 motor. a bit more power than the 3.8. dont know about reliability. there was a buick full size that had the northstar. gxp? bonneville? the grand prix or monte carlo ss had the 5.3 for a bit. dont think the 5.3 was ever in a full size buick

I have a 2016 used car buyers guide from Consumers Research. They say that major engine problems are few and any transmission problems are few. The were not as impressed with minor engine issues, like belts, pulleys, and oil leaks. After 11 years, those minor engine issues may have been solved with adequate replacements. They do not have separate ratings for the 3.8L V6 engine and the 4.6L V8. I also looked at the Cadillac DTS, and it only used the 4.6L V8. The ratings are the similar to the Lucerne for both engine and transmission. I wouldn’t be concerned about which engine it has as long as it has been well maintained.

The 3.6L never went into the Lucerne . It did go into the LaCrosse though.