2008 Buick Lucerne

Hi, thinking of buying a used Buick Lucerne 2008. 54,000 miles, no rust. Would be for a new driver, get around town. I’ve always bought Toyota and Honda. Curious about what other Lucerne owners think about this.

That’s very low miles for a 14 year old car, which can result in missed maintenance items. You’ll want to have it inspected by your mechanic. The 2008 apparently had some electrical issues that could cause problems starting:
Buick Lucerne Problems | CarComplaints.com


The chance of any 2008 Buick Lucerne owners seeing this is kinda low. At the age of this vehicle it has to stand on it’s own as to whether it will give decent service. If you can have it inspected buy a shop for possible problems that is the best thing to do. If the seller will not let you take it to a shop just make sure everything works as they should.

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Look at safercar.gov for information. There were 3 recalls, and 1 investigation. All are electrical. Most of the complaints (103) were electrical issues. For comparison, there were 8 recalls and there are 4 investigations for the 2008 Toyota Camry. There are 7 complaint categories for the 2008 Camry with over 100 complaints. There were about 436,000 Camrys sold in 2008 and 55,000 Lucernes. You can use the numbers any way you like, but even cars with sterling reputations have numerous complaints and problems. If the Lucerne checks the boxes for you after a test drive, then pay your mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. If it still looks good, negotiate the price. It seems to me that a 14 year old car would not have lasted this long if most of the problems had not been solved. Poor maintenance can nix all that, but that’s why you lay your mechanic for the inspection.

Buying a Buick after owning Honda’s and Toyota’s will be a good chance to keep track of reliability issues.