Opinion Wanted - Frame Rail Corrosion Level

Jeep / FCA Group has announced a recall to install a trailer hitch on 93-98 Jeep Grand Cherokees.

This is recall N45. However, a new trailer hitch will only be installed on vehicles with levels 1-4 corrosion. Vehicles with level 5 corrosion will not have a new trailer hitch installed.

Attached are two images of a Jeep Grand Cherokee’s frame rails. Based on Jeep’s below reference for determining corrosion level - how would you rate the two photos that I have provided?

On pages 8-9 of the Jeep dealer service repair guide, you can view photos of the levels of corrosion: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/acms/cs/jaxrs/download/doc/UCM462517/RCRIT-13V252-7854.pdf

My vote is 2 or 3 level.

Looks like about a 3 to me.

I’d hate to be facing those customers whose cars have Level 5 corrosion and having to tell them that the Recall will not be done until that rust is repaired (for thousands of dollars…) at their expense.
More than likely some service managers and writers are going to be catching it with some customers arguing that it looks like a 4 instead of a 5 to them… :frowning:

That looks like level 3 corrosion. I’m guessing that when the stud broke the mechanic decided he wouldn’t have to repair it if he claimed too much corrosion. Try a different dealer, if you don’t get any help call the number on your recall notice for assistance.

These Jeeps are all 17-23 years old…The world has changed…

Looks normal to me. This vehicle is old.

Level 4 for the first photo and level 3 for the second. Poke around the bolt holes with an awl or screw driver to see if you can poke through the corrosion. If not, you stand a good chance of getting the replacement done. If the photos are from different sides of the same Jeep, then you have to go with the worst case (photo 1).

It really doesn’t matter what we think. It only matters what Jeep/FCA group thinks. That’s the opinion you should be soliciting.

While that is true, I think that @skierjc was looking for someone to talk to about this rust and get the issue straight for himself before going to the dealer.

2 or 3, I bet it would look even better washed off.

I don’t see a big problem

In other words, I don’t think “Mopar” will refuse to install the hitch

With some simple fabrication of reiforcement plates using angle iron and a few grade 8 bolts the trailer hitch would be more securely mounted than it would be on a like new vehicle. Find a good independent shop.

I don’t think the OP needs an independent shop. I think the dealer installed hitch is a recall solution for fuel tank fires due to rear end collision. They just want the rear frame in a condition to actually benefit from the hitch.

You might be on to something that I missed @volvoV70 . Could installing a trailer hitch, or better yet offering and then declining to install a trailer hitch a way for Jeep to throw any future liability of fuel tank damage and subsequent catastrophic damage on to the owner on the grounds that the vehicle has corrosion damage making it unsafe to operate?

It’s a recall, but they’ll only put on the hitch if the frame’s not too rusted, I guess.