Is there a recall for my Grand Cherokee transmission?

Is there a current recall for this transmission nightmare? My 2015 Grand Cherokee’s transmission went out at 37,000 miles and has been at a Chrysler dealership 1,100 miles away from my home for the past 11 days…the vehicle failed to accelerate while I was attempting to pass a truck with oncoming traffic on a 2-way highway. It was a petrifying experience. I am leery of driving the 1,100 miles back home with a new transmission if there hasn’t been a ‘fix’ fir this problem. I was informed there is also severe corrosion making it difficult to pull the old transmission.

The severe corrosion part tells me that the car came from the salt belt and the place 1100 miles away is not in the salt belt.

When I sold my granddaughter my 2002 Town and Country to move from Buffalo NY to Florida, the mechanics down there declared it unrepairable because they could not get any of the bolts off. My son told then “Nonsense, just use as long piece of pipe and if that doesn’t work, add heat.”

If there is a recall, the Chrysler dealer would know.

It still should be under warranty so it should be fine “IF” the garage you have it at knhows what they are doing . Is it the older 5 speed or the newer 8 speed ? The newer 8 speeds are supposed to be pretty good and it’s made by ZF which usually makes pretty good stuff .

There may or may not be a recall, or there might be a service campaign–which is a different matter altogether.

If you go to this website and enter your VIN, you can see if there are any recalls pertaining to your vehicle:

Thank you! It is the newer 8 speed…made in Germany. I was just assuming they are replacing the one that failed with the same transmission…hence the concern😭

Had a friend with one, it was in and out of the shop so often they gave her a new one.

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If a 2015 with 37k miles has a corrosion problem severe enough to make changing the transmission a problem then I would have concerns about how rusty the rest of the car is.

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