Open window keeps car from starting? 2008 Honda Civic

My 2008 Honda Civic has been failing to start intermittently. When it is put on a charger or jumpstarted it starts right up. After this happened a couple times I realized it only does this when I’ve left a window open. It doesn’t matter if it’s cracked or all the way down. A week ago I left the window cracked, went into my apartment for 15 mins and when I came out the car wouldn’t start.

Any guesses as to the cause and whether I’ll have to produce and surrender a firstborn child to get it fixed?

I believe this is one of those things that will take a few minutes with a “hands on” Tech, to resolve this problem.

I will guess that it will not be a big expense, but it is hard to tell from here.

Please do not take your car to your local “Fast Lube” joint, even if they are cheap and convenient.