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2008 Honda CR-V - Car Doesn't Start When Hot

I have a Honda CR-V 2008 that I love. One complaint that started from almost the beginning was in hot weather the car doesn’t start. The green security comes on and blinks after everything else has shut off. I can still open the windows, but it literally cuts off the engine like it thinks I’m stealing the car? I have tried engaging and disengaging the alarm, yanking the wheel, opening and closing the door locks, using my valet key instead of the fob. It can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes to start again but it just seems to restart when it feels like it. I open everything up, which really doesn’t seem to help but it keeps me cooler while I am waiting. The best thing I can do is park it in the shade and crack all the windows, not ideal if we’re expecting rain. If I can, I actually leave all the windows down. I took it to the dealership but since they couldn’t recreate it, they couldn’t help me. I can’t continue to leave it with them all day, so I just do my best to work around it. I can’t find this problem reported by other CR-V owners so it seems very specific. Any thoughts?

Are you saying you have been putting up with this for 11 years and you did not just throw in the towel and trade it off ?

Haha! Yes. I just work around it. It’s really only a problem for part of the year.

Time to sell the car and but a newer one.