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Car Starts on Second Try

First of all, I have used this site many times and you guys are the best. I’ve gotten really good advice here. My latest problem:

Honda Civic Manual (300k miles)

Starting Problem - Car won’t start on the first try when I turn the key. The engine doesn’t make any sound like it is trying to start or anything. Its just like me opening any doorlock… the engine doesn’t attempt to turn over. The car always starts on the second try. I’m going to get rid of this car in about 4-5 months, so as long as I don’t get stuck somewhere I don’t really care. Any ideas on what this might be?

Window Problem - This happens occassionally and usually it fixes itself. My back windows will roll down fine but they won’t roll back up. Sometimes down shuts off too. Usually, after a couple of starts and just being patient with it, it will eventually go back up… but this time, well it’s stuck! I don’t want to open the door panel, so I guess I’m looking for cost estimates and any possible quick tricks or remedies that you might have (if there is any). I’m assuming I will have to take it in somewhere to get it checked out.

RE the window, on another make I could get mine to go by whacking the motor with a rubber, yes you need to take the door panel off but it is not that hard. Once it is up disconnect the switch and call it a day.

RE starting, check and clean all connections in the starter motor and battery circuit, could be the ignition switch or starter motor going out, but clean connections could help it limp along for a few months. (assuming your battery is good!)

rubber. . .Hammer.

Very important distinction there, sir :wink:

Dang, rubber mallet was what I meant to say, you are most correct in that astute observation. Downright comical otherwise, my bad, looked ok after spellcheck!

Ah…but I notice the original post was not edited. Sticking by the Freudian slip I see.

I have to add hilarious to the received “really good advice”!

Just out of curiosity, would fellow CT posters say power windows are the second-most energy-intensive use of the electrical system?

If so, the fact that the two most energy-intensive systems are failing (and the power windows are failing in the most energy-intensive mode: going up) makes me wonder if there’s a loose connection somewhere. Given that it’s affecting the starting system too, I’d first start by making sure the battery post clamps are tight and corrosion-free.

(But with a car with that many miles, I wouldn’t rule out two simultaneous electrical failures.)

Just as an fyi, my front windows roll up and down, they never get stuck, but I’m going to check my battery next. Thanks.

Just wanted to give you guys an update… I guess my car must’ve heard me complaining, b/c my rear window magically went up one day and my car starts on the first try now. Very strange. But may be not so strange since my car is pretty old.