Opel Vauxhal Agila, Suzuki Splash K10B engine ac belt tensioner loosening


does anyone know how to loosen AC belt tensioner for K10B engine code 1109995 1.0 L ? This one is static and does not have a spring it is being held by two bolts on side and one on top… Can I put back the tension on the belt if I remove one side bolt and the top one?

Comes with Ope/ Vauxhal Agila, Suzuki Splash, Nisan Pixo 2008-2014

I attached a photo and it is marked with red circle. This is example photo, my engine is in my car :slight_smile:

It will help if you could put the engine code, size etc. There should be a diagram for it on the net somewhere.

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It appears that you loosen the two side bolts then back off the top bolt to loosen the belt. You shouldn’t have to remove any of the bolts. To tighten the belt, turn the top bolt in(clockwise) until the belt has the proper tension, then tighten the other two bolts.


Thanks for the reply, I will try that today :slight_smile:

Solution: Loosen the mid bolt/pulley bolt, then back off the top bolt to loosen the belt.

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