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94 villager - A/C Compressor drive belt idler pulley tensioner bolt

I’m a little embarassed. I can’t find the A/C Compressor drive belt idler pulley tensioner bolt. I need to replace the belt and need to loosen this bolt, but there is no bolt on the pulley. It is a rounded head in the middle of the pulley.

The information in the shop manual is misleading. There is no “nut” or “bolt” to loosen with a standard wrench, but rather, the inside of the pulley is hexagonal and you need an allen key to loosen it. Good luck.

Feel on the front of the pulley for the tensioner and there should be hex bolt. You then need a tool such as this to gain access to that hex head to remove the tension from the tensioner.


Thanks. Appreciate it.

This is NOT a spring loaded tensioner.

Then if it’s not spring loaded it’s not a tensioner. It’s an idler pulley.


Call it what you like, but the pulley moves via another bolt. It can be moved in or out to adjust the tension on the belt, hence I would call that a tensioner, but it’s not spring loaded. In any event, the tool you are promoting would not work in this application.