How do i change the tensioner pulley on a 2005 suzuki aerio 2.3L

i just recently went to pepboys to have a mechanic check out my wife’s car cause it was vibrating really bad, and a pulley was making a lot of noise… they told me that the alternator bearings were shot, and i needed 4 motor mounts, long story short i changed the alternator… it wasn’t the problem… had them check it again, they said power stearing… i didn’t want to waist a couple hours of work again, i checked it myself like i should have done in the first place… and found out it was the tensioner pulley… so can i get any pointers on how to change the tensioner pulley, cause i tried and i lacked about 1/4" of space to get the bolt out… do i need to drop the engine or raise it? if so how… thanks

I have never done an Suzuki but a lot of cars you have to remove or loosen motor mounts to get the tensioner off. Once you have the mount free you can raise or lower the engine to gain the clearance you need. Support the engine on a jack with a block of wood on the oil pan.

are you removing center bolt or the 2 perimeter bolts?

They sell a tool for getting it off.

what does bolt hit? you can obviously touch it and turn it.

the side of the car… i’m gonna undo the motor mount and lower the engine

Perhaps you can remove the plastic wheel well to gain access